When it comes to fasteners, a screw’s design can make all the difference. From the type of head to the threading, a screw’s shape can impact the strength, durability and appearance of an application.

Metric & Multistandard’s high-quality, custom screws are available with a variety of head shapes and sizes to accommodate the needs of your specific application. Check out our EZ Screw Builder to get started and learn more about our wide range of options.

Button Head Cap Screw
Socket Head Cap Screws, also known as button socket cap screws, feature a rounded, low-profile head and a hexagonal drive hole to fit a wrench for turning. They can be tightened to much higher torque specifications than slotted or cross recessed drive machine screws and have the added benefit of a clean, finished appearance. These types of fasteners are ideal for use in applications with a limited amount of overhead or clearance.

Compared to other machine screw heads, socket head caps are the lowest in height and have no protrusions that could catch on clothing or skin. These features also make them suitable for use in a variety of environments where hygiene is essential.

Despite the differences between socket head caps and other machine screw heads, both are designed to provide a strong, reliable connection in your application. The best option for your fastening application will depend on your unique requirements, including strength, corrosion resistance and a desired appearance. We’re happy to help you find the perfect option! Button Head Cap Screw