Breast milk, often referred to as liquid gold, is an amazing source of nourishment for babies. It’s important to store it properly (and safely) to prevent contamination and spoilage. But, what is the best way to store your precious liquid?

Whether you’re pumping for an infant or baby, you’ll want to invest in breast milk storage bags that are durable and reliable. Look for options that are leak-proof and feature food-grade materials to ensure the safety of your liquid gold, such as thick plastic or silicone with double-zipper seals/closures and reinforced seams. You’ll also want a bag that lays flat and is easy to stack in your fridge or freezer.

Another consideration is how easily the bags will transfer to a bottle for feeding. This is an extra step that can add time between your crying baby and their first sip, so it’s important to find a bag that makes the process as efficient as possible.

Finally, look for a set of breast milk storage bags that are BPA-free and eco-friendly. Some of our top picks are made from plant material and decompose biologically, which is better for the environment than biodegradable plastics that can contaminate compost. Other options are made from recycled plastic and can be re-used for food storage after breastfeeding is finished, like DIY trail mix or homemade baby food. Some bags are also made from food-safe bioplastics that are derived from corn starch or other vegetable materials and are fully recyclable. reusable breast milk storage bags