The Australian success story that has transformed the workplace

Providing a continuous stream of instant boiling and chilled filtered water, a billi tap eliminates the need for kettles in your business. This is good news for your staff and for your energy bills, with most taps costing less than 2.5p to boil. They also use less energy and water than a standard commercial cooler.

The range of different styles means that there is a billi tap price to suit every budget and taste, from the affordable Sahara Boiling & Ambient Water System to the market leading Quadra boiling and sparkling water system with its advanced heat harvesting technology. The most economical models dispense only boiling water, but even these are highly efficient with a maximum output of 180 cups per hour, which is more than enough for most businesses.

If you require the added benefits of cold filtered water, then consider our Alpine range, which provides immediate boiling and chilled filtered water at the touch of a lever. There are also options with replaceable carbonate cartridges, which allow you to adjust the level of fizz to your personal preference.

The Eco boiling and chilled filtered water systems are designed for small offices, with the capacity to serve up to 10 people. They are space saving, energy efficient and stylish with a clean sophisticated design. They are available with either a standard lever, Remote or Touch tap. The Quadra Plus models offer all the features of the Quadra range, but with an additional supply of hot water through a separate sink mixer tap.