Decorative wedding arches made of bamboo have come into vogue lately. Not necessarily because more men and women are getting married under them, but simply because they are a delightful decorative item with lots of creative potential. Their original intended purpose is to provide a formal stage, a frame, a special place where weddings could be staged, and where the focus would be on the bride and groom. Quite often these ceremonies are conducted on a beach or lush tropical garden area, where blushing, barefoot lovers solemnly pledge their eternal vows. The arches are often surrounded by tiki torches and floral arrangements, with an overall effect that is quite sensual and decidedly romantic. That is how the trend started, but soon many other uses and adaptations for the ceremonial wedding structures followed.

Because their design is simplistic and elegant, people found a number of innovative ways to use a bamboo wedding arch. Some creative types discovered that they are perfect for a garden center-piece. Others use them on rooftop penthouses. Because they lend themselves so well to decorating, they are often adorned with swatches of colorful fabric, flowers, vines and baubles of every description. They become the foundation for practically any theme that can be envisioned. They can take on a formal look as well as a very natural, holistic aura, or can be a special place for meditation. You might find them used to denote an entry way or as a portico. They can mark a place of particular significance or remembrance.

The beauty of these structures lies in their simplicity. The set up process is uncomplicated, and because of that, people find many ingenious adaptations for the symbolic arches. Generally the framework consists of four upright corner poles of high-quality, heavy-duty bamboo lumber, fastened together at the top with four thinner bamboo stalks of a more delicate nature. They are easily assembled and portable. For the economically-minded, the cost for these attractive, natural creations is reasonable. Of late, they are available at a number of online bamboo retail stores.

People use a bamboo wedding arch for ceremonies and events of all description. They are ideal for Bar and Bat Mitzvah occasions. Many festive function organizers can find a decorative or practical use for these structures. Picture one all decked out in festive holiday lights and ornaments for a Christmas or Halloween party. men’s bamboo sock