Siphon autocockers have been around since almost the start of paintball. WGP was the primary organization to deliver the autococker innovation. Truth be told, each autococker that has been delivered has originated from their plan. The autococker was very famous back in the later 90’s to mid 2000, and keeps on being well known in siphon structure today. In mid 2004, paintball saw new advancements of the autococker be delivered. The Karnivor was the first electronic autococker to establish the standard for BPS and consistency. It saw shocking accomplishment across the market. This gold and dark electronic paintball marker genuinely reformed paintball player’s considerations on the autococker stage.

Proceeded with progress of the auto cocker is being seen today, just in an alternate structure. Rather than having every one of the fancy odds and ends of an elite presentation electro, we currently are finding autocockers practically making a stride once more into a more slow type of paintball, rediscovering its foundations portable fire pump. The WGP Rifleman was the autococker siphon that began everything. It vanished in prominence mid 2000, however presently is fairly being resurrected in another structure.

With the coming of siphon change units for autococker proprietors, players can now change their self-loader into an undeniable siphon. These units are the redeeming quality for players that need to dial back their pace of discharge and set aside some cash – which is potentially why we are seeing such countless players with autococker siphon firearms today.

There are obviously different advantages to the side setting aside cash. These advantages stem back to the significant selling point of the principal siphon auto cocker (the WGP Expert rifleman), which is exactness. Numerous players have come to discover that a siphon irrefutably drives you to take time in pointing. Moreover, consolidate the additional time taken for pointing with the general consistency of a siphon and you have the simple components of exactness. The autococker is as yet perfectly healthy today, just in renewed structure that meets the consistently changing requirements of paintballers today.