When it comes to accessories, a man’s choice of finger rings sends a message about him to those around him. Whether that means that he’s off the market, that he graduated from a particular school or organization, that he’s affiliated with a group of mafia associates or that he’s gay — his pinky ring lets everyone know what he stands for.

There are different traditions associated with different fingers for men to wear rings, some of which have roots in specific beliefs rooted in ancient medicine and historic rites, and others that developed organically as men through the ages found that certain types of rings worked better on specific fingers than others. Some of these rules are universal, while others are regional and vary by culture.

Some men choose to abide by the classic rule of wearing rings on the right hand as it’s seen as the “physical” hand, while the left is more associated with intellect. However, there are some who prefer to reverse this convention, or even go as far as to wear a ring on their thumb instead of the ring finger.

The ring finger is traditionally known as the finger of love, which is why it’s often associated with engagement and wedding bands. Historically, there was a belief that a major artery ran from the ring finger to the heart, which lent the finger a romantic significance.

In addition to love and relationships, the ring finger is also associated with professional status as it’s the most visible part of your hand when you speak or sign your name. Some professions, such as engineers and architects, have long worn a ring on their pinky to show their status and professionalism.

It’s believed that the pinky is ruled by Mercury, which indicates intelligence, institutions and communication. As such, it’s a great spot for gemstones like jade, amethyst and turquoise that symbolize wisdom and intuition.

The thumb, on the other hand, is ruled by Venus, which signifies wealth and prosperity. As such, it’s a natural location for the kind of rings that show off a person’s wealth and status. It’s also associated with independence and the ability to overcome obstacles.

A ring on the thumb can be a very powerful accessory for a man, especially if it’s an intricately designed piece that catches the eye of those around him. For this reason, men’s thumb rings tend to be more flashy in their design than those on the other fingers. However, there are ways to wear a thumb ring that’s more understated, such as with a small ring with a subtle pattern or color. This will allow the ring to stand out without drawing too much attention to itself. Finger rings