A Kiddush Fountain Makes A Fine Centerpiece For The Shabbat Table
A beautiful wine fountain adds a touch of elegance and excitement to any Shabbat or Holiday dinner. Whether you choose an ornate traditional piece, a modern update or a custom design, a high-quality kiddush cup fountain will be something your family treasures for generations.

Traditionally, the host would pour wine from a large cup into small matching cups to be passed around the table for the guests to drink. However, this method was inefficient and often resulted in the spilling of wine onto nice Shabbat linens or the hosts’ clothing. This is why the wine fountain was invented – it solves this problem while adding beauty and fun to the dinner.

The aJudaica collection of wine fountains starts with nickel and pewter models and advances to exquisite silver plated versions, all beautifully embellished with images of Jerusalem, luscious grape designs or graphic diamond patterns. We also carry acrylic versions designed by Judaica artists Yair Emanuel and David Bronstein, each with a single large kiddush cup and eight smaller wine cups. Each set is expertly engineered to ensure a flawless flow of wine from the main cup down the carefully carved canals into each of the smaller cups.

A kiddush fountain is a wonderful addition to any Shabbat or holiday table, and it is especially appreciated by children. A fine handmade Jewish wine fountain from Jerusalem becomes a beloved item that will be handled by family members for generations to come, creating an element of ceremony and ritual that helps to bind families together.