How should a welder made in 1939 be out on a pipeline today?

You might feel that 6G welder is welding those line joints up with some extravagant PC controlled welding machine, and you’d be off-base by and large. Past design stick welding like distant granddad did in World War ll is as yet the prevailing system. Indeed, the new line welding machines have electronic controls and other extravagant stuff, and they have aluminum windings – and sure, they are out on the pipeline – generally Lincoln brand, and the rest are Miller. Nonetheless, on most pipelines these are stick welding machines.

Conceivable you’ll find a machine that pre-dates WW ll out on a pipeline in 2012. Why and why stick? Stick is not difficult to ship, set up, and it is intense. Stick welders can weld in a breeze. Other welding processes utilize a safeguarding gas, so they can’t weld in any wind. Stick welders don’t separate a lot – they are so basic. Stick is an incredibly impressive interaction.

And the machines?

Despite the fact that there are some really awesome present day stick welders out on the pipeline, you’ll likewise track down the Lincoln SA200 Pipeliner. You’ll see a few made during the 60s and 50s, and once in an extraordinary while, as far back as 1939. Why? The Pipeliner SA200 welders are extraordinary machines. Weighty copper windings make for a smooth bend. They are fabricated like a block porta-potty, so they endlessly run.

Present day machines are made with aluminum windings. pipe welder As the windings get warm the electrical obstruction increments, so the machine should be changed. At the point when the welder enjoys some time off and returns, they should be changed once more. An old SA200 with copper windings doesn’t have this issue, so it welds on a similar setting the entire day, regardless – they generally weld like spread.


The universe of Lincoln SA200 welders is a fascinating one. Lincoln twisted some of them during the 1970s with aluminum, however returned to copper with the Pipeliner Classic Series ll. Avoid aluminum in the event that you will get a Pipeliner.

Later model Classic units are diesel. The significant expense of fuel makes this matter. On the off chance that you are running an apparatus 12 hours per day, diesel can have a major expense effect since diesel cost less to work. Notwithstanding, a gas model will be more affordable to purchase.