After awakening today I went to check my yahoo inbox for email before which I saw the news on Omar Bin Laden, child of Osama Bin Laden. Some say Omar Osama receptacle Laden looks similar to his notorious dad – with the exception of the dreadlocks that hang mostly down his back.

Omar is additionally somewhat more upscale, wearing a dark cowhide biker coat. However the 26-year-old doesn’t disavow his dad, al-Qaida pioneer Osama canister Laden, he experiences sought after a way of harmony with his life.

Omar’s fantasy is to an “diplomat for harmony” among Muslims and the West. Omar stunned the world when he wedded a 52-year-old British lady named Jane Felix-Browne, who has since taken the name Zaina Alsabah.

Previously wedded multiple times, Zaina appears to be exceptionally content with Omar and desirious of him to move to live with her in England. Concerning Omar he separated from his significant other so he could move to the UK without impediment as British law doesn’t perceive different relationships as is standard in Islamic nations.

The two are arranging a 3,000-mile horse race across North Africa to effectively seek after worldwide harmony, especially across the tricky fear monger tormented countries extending from Cairo to أخبار المغرب The couple invite others to partake in the ride for peace.

Upon hearing this I promptly started writing to find out more, inquisitive of companions in the UK and somewhere else all through the world. After two days I got a reaction by means of email from Zaina and addressed her that very day via telephone in Egypt. Zaina anticipates that the event should start in May this year and last around four months, going by horse 50 miles a day.

Items we really want to get given are: water, tents, clothing, ponies, veterinarians, specialists, cash, four-wheel drive vehicles (only for the occasion after which they will be returned), videographers, photographic artists, carrier tickets, and much more.

Zaina advised me to purchase a pony it in Egypt, it will roughly cost me $4,000 after which assuming the pony effectively finishes the race I can sell the pony and recooperate a portion of my money.

It is my craving to ride with the Bin Ladens to advance world harmony. I trust I will have the option to get all essential sponsorship to finance this endeavor.

I expect to take a videographer with me to catch this remarkable excursion of peace.

Your supplications and help are a lot of appreciated.

Please help the world harmony development by building spans between America and the Arab world.

All charge deductible magnanimous commitments to help Paul’s tranquility journey through psychological oppressor tormented North Africa can be made to:

Dream-Maker Ministries
PO Box 684
Goldenrod, FL 32733 USA

Davis vows to take a camcorder on the trip from Cairo to Morocco and give intermittent yells out to his devoted backers. Upon culmination each support will get a DVD from Paul for limited time purposes and as a thank you for advancing world harmony.